Aug. 18th, 2015

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Yeah, so its a Tuesday at like 430pm and I'm about to leave work. I was in a tremendously good mood all day! I don't think its coincidence at all that I took most of this weekend off and got a good bike ride in Sunday even and I'm feeling pretty rested and just good. :)

So last night was the last week of league play for cornhole at Flyers. Collin and I had a really good shot at first and screwed up. Lost to Mike first game... not much I could do there. Collin got ate up my Mike and Mokey was getting lots of lucky breaks.. bags kicking left just enough to get in the hole even though he pretty much missed. The other games we lost were def my fault though. Lost to Craig Becker? Lost to Toohey and Jeff twice I think? Yeah, not good, but we had a good run and truth is if I had shown up week 1 we would have took first place. That was the week Collin went 2-4 with a sub.

There was an argument with Christine last night. I kind of went off on her. She had that coming if you ask me so I don't feel very bad about it. She has to learn she can't just constantly fuck with me. So that was whatever. That's also a lesson on fireball.. maybe I shouldn't do that at league. lol But anyway, I'm okay with second place truthfully.. still finished ahead of Mike's team and Christine's team!! Matt and Beau too! And I had COLLIN ;) and Collin and I are consistantly throwing well together.

Next session I'll have Ronnie so we'll see what we can do.

Another cool thing going on is that I actually pulled out my guitar on Sunday and OMG it was like instant.. I remembered how much I love writing and recording music! It felt easy. Well, it was kind of hard, but it just felt like it was all still there waiting to come out again. I hope that I find time to do more musically. It's been a few years and yes I needed to take that break and do other stuff but it would be nice to get that back in my life a little. I hope to work on my new song a little more tonight even. Taking this weekend off of cornhole was so huge for me. I got a lot done and I feel like my list shrank considerably and now things that I've been wanting to get to for so long are moving up to the top where I can actually do them. Had my house cleaned by Rhonda for the first time too and wow, that helped tremendously.. just a GREAT idea.. I doubt I'll ever do meaningless cleaning again. lol

And after work today I need to return some clothes which is important.. IT will save me over $100 and then I can go spend that at Kohls or something. We'll see.

Wow, I said all of this in just eight minutes?

One last topic and I'll go. Let's see... oh, a little worried about running out of vacation time. It's only mid-August so that's... 4 months i'll have to survive!! Now I do have scheduled days for tourneys and majors and stuff but no days left to just use for fun or for sick time, so I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that. I guess i'll have to figure it out. Maybe I can work long on weekdays to get extra weekend time or maybe I can get some time off unpaid. or borrow from next year. I think borrowing from next year now would be crazy. The other things to do is skip more cornhole events. I think I might actually. Its hard to do but its just so good for me. I think Mike G here at work said it best... ONCE A MONTH I should take a weekend off and have Saturday and Sunday off in a row... i think i'll put that in my resp priority list right now!! See this journaling thing is really good for me. :) yay


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