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Goal #1: Buy a Chess Engine and use it!! (100% complete)
**research what engine to get, buy one and install!! Use it to analyze and write a summary on a real game you played v. a rival at Parma (Jeffry and Roy?)
3/2 - figured out i need scid and downloaded it, next learn how to use it
3/14 - (1 hour) - imported my first game ( game v. Weiser) and tried to put in my game with Roy.. having some trouble.. can't really understand the analysis well... I'll need to study it closer and figure out how to make the PGN better too. I wrote the summary!
3/19 - (30 min) Spent 30 minutes and got the basic info right so far!! To finish this I think try for the goal of having a PGN file with comments emailed to Caleb.. and organized... using the engine will be next mini goal since i need to get comfy with SCID in order to use the engine
3/20 - (1 hr more!) used the engine for the first time and created a pgn with comments and variations! emailed to Caleb as well :) learned why a move was bad too! used the book percentages in scid as well yay!

Goal#2: Play 10 Live Games on - 100% complete
**need to play more actual games, especially with 30 minute time limit.. too much turn based lately and taking out my board and recording it is good.. but i need more games for now
**What is my rating now? What is it after?
2/28 - played 2 games.. even though i felt nervous i won both!! got +5 and +10!!! both games white was very aggressive against me as black.. i head off an attack and then counterattacked very strongly to win! 1st one they resigned easily.. 2nd one i checkmated!! :) .. they were a 1360!
2/28 - played a 3rd against a 1340?? and won!! They chased the pawn with the bishop.. i did well! played a great end game.
3/12 - played 2 games.. played a 1448!!! barely lost.. played well!! Then played a 1270 and won! got over 1300 again!
3/14 - played 2 more games.. playing pretty well!! went 1-1.. only 3 games left to meet the goal. my rating is staying at 1300!
3/15 - played 1 game before Parma.. won i think?
3/19 - played a game and won.. hit a new high rating of 1316!! Need just one more game!
3/19 - played 1 more game and beat a 1348!!! now i'm 1325!! :) GOAL COMPLETE!
The point of this goal was to play more games and feel comfortable again.. I think it really really helped :)

Goal #3: 3 more End Game Studies out of Silman's!! - 100% complete
**3 more studies
**Finish the chapter 1000-1200 minimum!! if score bad on test... go through the chapter again (at least the things I missed)
2/25 - studied king/pawn v lone king end game.. opposition and the higher drawing chances with rook pawns.. next the tests for 1000-1199!!
2/26 - took the final chapter tests for Part II.. got a 75%!! need to redo it!!
2/26 - did a study in 1200-1399.. learned about distant opposition!

Next goals:
-get Droidfish for my phone and use it
-analyze 1 entire game in scid
-ask 3 players what engine they use.. and what scid is?? consider buying one? what one does Kevin use on thechesswebsite???
-practice tactics!!
-play the computer on my board.. the 1550!! get my butt kicked!
-enter my first blitz tourney! find one and play!!
-attend a Thursday in Brecksville! or maybe Lakewood?
-meet Zach or Mitchell for chess?? need a chess buddy to meet up with?
-Study the Sicilian: Alapin variation.. Ahmed used it.. really great against the Sicilian too
-make a map of everywhere they play in Ohio and Pennsylvania
-find and attend a blitz tourney!
-study the Lasker Trap, the Catalan Trap and the Elephant Trap
-study the Najdorf Sicilian!
-try oout the London system!
-study games with Roy!! prepare something?
-go to Brecksville or Lakewood on a Thursday?
-study games v Zach (that i lost)
-study this Catalan opening played by two top level players!!

-last 10 parma games, what openings were played?
-learn about top players in US and what states are hottest?? also, upcoming events?
-start archiving my games somewhere online maybe??
-study games from Parma.. create summary per game!! opening, run through a chess engine, highlights of game, how it ended.. what can i learn from it?
-learn how to make PNG's or whatever? and add notes?
-improve my blitz rating (maybe blitz will help me play faster... i'm too slow)
-study Kelley's Catalan video detailed... two traps to learn! know the variations deeply.. memorize the video!!
-3 studies on Sicilian Bowdler attack
-try memorizing the QGA video as well
-get a new timer with time delay
-playing too much turn based!! no new turn based games!! don't make your move until you have to.. play tactics instead, and chess lessons.. and even practice openings or end games from the end game book
-learn the Albin Countergambit traps (Lasker Trap)
-learn the trap played on Josh in the championship

NEW CHESS GOALS - Feb/March 2016! (Feb19th) - 100% completed on Feb25th!
-only 1 more chess game to go.. this time v. the 1550 CF6

Goal#1 - STUDY END GAME! 3 more studies from Ch. 2 of Silman's - 100% complete
2/19/16 Fri - did two studies!!! 1) Bishop v Queen (Queen always wins!) and I played it out against the computer twice.. 2) Knight v Queen - (Q always wins again, but watch out for forks!!) played against computer once. So I'm 2/3 done already hehe!
2/20/16 Sat - did 1 more study! practiced Knight v. Queen 3 times... lost 2 of them... yikes! But that's 3 studies so this is complete!

Goal#2 - PLAY MORE GAMES ON MY BOARD.. 3 more games vs CF (1 against 1450 elo) 66%
2/19 - played v. 1300 on my board and won! went to end game.. may have run out of time though hard to say..
2/21 - played v. 1300 on my board and won again! used Catalin opening.. tactics worked! did have a blunder though.. other than that it was a massacre
2/25 - played the 1550 and it was a very weird aggressive opening.. was actually ahead!! but what really happened is i lost badly on time.... then i played it out and he back ranked me..ugh.

Goal#3 - DEEPER QUEENS GAMBIT EARLY VAR. - 2/3 studies - 100%
2/21 Sun - studied it deeply and memorized what I learned! about 45 minutes or more so that counts as two studies.. need to watch videos and i have some new ideas now.. especially the Catalan! ;)
2/21 - studied again
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