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4/19 - attended Parma, played 1400-1600 pool and lost all 3, good experience though (4 hrs)

I didn't fully finish this time so I think i'll carry those mini-goals to this versian as well.

NOTES- Apr5th -
Okay, so I got killed last night at Parma. I was in a higher pool but ugh.. it motivated to want to get better!! I think I should play a lot of games v. 1550 and maybe on - tactics helps - end game study helps and a big thing for me is running out of time. Need to move faster in the opening maybe? Play solid and defensively? Adding another in person day of chess in the week will be a next step (not ready for that yet) .. also, i wonder what sipping wine during chess would do.. need to try this!!


***play a game where every move i put it through the engine! and then see if i'm right. and see why they play what they play.

Goal #1: Play the CF6 (1550) 5 different times! 80% complete

**Goal is to get used to my board, and get used to playing tough games
3/31 - wow CF6 destroyed me!! English opening? I missed a d5, then he played it and it cramped me all up.. very early checkmate. :(
3/31 - Queens Gambit Accepted.. chased the pawn with Queen and later bishop.. chased the Queen all over.. did two forks winning material! won!!! :) 1-1
4/03 - Played again and lost - was up slightly in opening, then my bishop was trapped, left a rook hanging...
4/14 - Played as black, Benko Gambit and won!!! YES!!! 2-2

Goal #2: 200 more practice tactics! (8 days) - 50% complete
4/3 - did 25 tactics.. hit a new high 1222!! ended at 1217!
4/9 - did 25 tactics - did really well!! got to 1260 at some point?? 2/8 curious to see if this helps in my games
4/11 - did 25 tactics.. was tired though and fell back to 1220?
4/12 - did 25 tactics - still at 1220 .. i'm at 4/8 now.. tummy issues making chess hard
4/14 - 25 tactics again.. at like 1215? 5/8
4/17 - 25 tactics again.. made some progress.. got to 1220?? 6/8
4/18 - 25 tactics... made some progress i think? 7/8

Goal #3: Scotch - 3 studies & try it 3 times! chess with friends, vs computer? - 33% complete
3/30 - 1st study 23 minutes (intro complete).. looked at mainline and early variations that come out of it
3/31 - played with Johnny Hall on turn based -
***i'm going to abandon this goal.. don't really care about the e4 scotch right now.. I'd rather study the Benoni and Benko Gambit

Goal #4: See if I can build a database of games in my chess engine, 10 games total to start v. most notable oppoanants
Goal#4b: Get new chess clock for my bday, what to do with old one?

Goal #5: Silman's End Game Study (3-4 studies, 2 hours max) 50% complete

****STUDY MY END GAME VS USER ON CHESS.COM - END GAME!!! put thorugh engine
3/30 - Studied Ch. 2 Opposition, also Knight v. Queen practice (2 studies) 1 hr



-Saduleto study - (next step of QG) - 4 main variations
-play games on!
-play CF on my board!
Play a different computer?
-Find someone similar in skill to meet up with and play! (Mitchell, Roy? Zach?)
-enter my first blitz tourney! find one and play!!
-Show up to Parma as much as you can to gain experience
-attend a Thursday in Brecksville! or maybe Lakewood?
-try chess on 1 glass of wine!! see how it goes??

-Study my end game book
-Complete 100 tactis, see if I improve.. keep doing until i reach (1300)

-Bill said to analyze games, THEN use the engine to see what i missed
-analyze my 3rd game in the engine, still new at this

-put Stockfish in my engine
-create database of games
-archive my games based on opponants
-create database of games with summaries!!
-find out good ones to buy aside from Scid?
-make list of openings that happen in my games at Parma!
-get Droidfish for my phone and use it
-get a new chess clock
-get a new carrying case
-study games v Zach (that i lost)

-go through my notebook and review stuff!

-make a map of everywhere they play in Ohio and Pennsylvania
-go to Brecksville or Lakewood on a Thursday?
-learn about top players in US and what states are hottest?? also, upcoming events?
-analyze my games with Weiser, Caleb, Zach.. total stats??

-Italian Game
-Queens Gambit further
-what mainlines to I have memorized, make a list!
-put some mainlines in the engine to see how good they are?
-Study the Sicilian: Alapin variation.. Ahmed used it.. really great against the Sicilian too
-study the Lasker Trap, the Catalan Trap and the Elephant Trap
-study the Najdorf Sicilian!
-try oout the London system!
-study Kelley's Catalan video detailed... two traps to learn! know the variations deeply.. memorize the video!!
-3 studies on Sicilian Bowdler attack
-try memorizing the QGA video as well
-learn the Albin Countergambit traps (Lasker Trap)
-learn the trap played on Josh in the championship

CHESS MINI GOALS 3 - MAR20TH - 73% complete - analysis!

Goal #1: Analyze entire game in Scid! (2 hrs max) 100% complete
3/21 - spent 1 hr 23 min on this!! Probably worth two sessions, learned a lot! I missed a tactic and a bad blunder too; also learned the end was a perpetual check and that my bishop sacrifice was sound.
3/25 - analyzed a whole new game for over an hour!!

So i learned how to analyze games in the chess engine now! Still need to see if i can increase the engine, and build a database

Goal #2: 100 Practice tactics- Max out to 25 4 days!! 100%completed
*will my rating go up? This is great to practice, don't move til you see it!
3/21 - 25 tactics! up to 1190
3/22 - 13 tactics! was up t0 1199 now 1189!! doh
3/23 - 25 tactics! fell down to 1150 roughly? its ok.. tired
3/24 - 25 more tactics!! back up to 1170??
3/27 - 25 more tactics! up to 1198.. almost reached my highest ever!
**recommend i keep doing this.. make it a goal again

Goal #3: 2 games on, 2 games on board v. Chess Free 1550!! 100% complete
3/23 - played CF6 (1550 and won!! Catalan opening.. lost a piece early, got it back and then some.. 1550 made some bad mistakes but i capitalized on them.
3/25 - played again, he killed me! 1-1 against 1550 this time...
3/25 - played two games and won both!! went up to 1344!! wow!

** playing games is very good for me i think.. play lots

Goal #5: Meet up with someone and play in person :) - 33% complete
3/24 - Bobby invited me to hang and I said yeah :)
3/25 - made plans with Bobby and texted Mitchell
3/37 - hung out with Bobby.. counts for something.. let's say 33%


Goal #1: Buy a Chess Engine and use it!! (100% complete)
-got scid, started using pgn's and used engine first time

Goal#2: Play 10 Live Games on - 100% complete
-got comfortable playing more games, did pretty well, rating is 1325, highest yet!!

Goal #3: 3 more End Game Studies out of Silman's!! - 100% complete
-completed Chapter 2 and did my first study in Ch. 3 learned a new idea, distant opposition or something. :)

CHESS GOALS II - Feb/March 2016

Goal#1 - STUDY END GAME! 3 more studies from Ch. 2 of Silman's - 100% complete
-completed Ch. 2, only scored like a 70% or so, should do it again

Goal#2 - PLAY MORE GAMES ON MY BOARD.. 3 more games vs CF (1 against 1450 elo)
-went 1/3, got experience on my board, learned i need to play faster, played 1550 1st time

-discovered the Catalan opening out of this :)
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