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1.) You have played with your injured finger before, and played WELL, and you can do it again! (8/23)
2.) If you don't play well, you can lose to ANYONE. (8/24)
3.) ALWAYS play your best. ALWAYS try your hardest. (8/24)
4.) When playing lesser players, always try your best. Don't let up on them. A players sometimes throw like P players. Don't get caught off guard. EVERYONE is a threat. Just beat them as fast as you can. (8/24)
5.) Once you stop trying your best and lose that hole, it's really hard to get it back. And often it's too late. (8/24)

6.) In practice, pay close attention to what the boards are doing. Are they fast or slow? Are they kicking left or right?
7.) Get your airmail online during practice. (unless the boards are really fast)
8.) When you feel cocky/overconfident is when you are most vulnerable to lose...
9.) Never be afraid to play anyone at any time. Just do it and try your best even if you aren't on.
10.) Frustration will not help your throw. Stay calm and think logically.. what am I doing wrong? What can I try to fix it?

11.) Throwing a 4-bagger first round is HUGE. So important to jump out on people... You are good at coming back, but what if that's not possible? Try to win as fast as you can.
12.) You are best when you do not talk during matches. Stay focused. Move slowly. Take deep breaths. Stay calm and throw how you can throw.
13.) You should ALWAYS throw a flat bag. Get good at it. Throw only flat until that's all you ever do.
14.) Remember beating lesser players can make you feel you are throwing well, when it's still not good enough against other P players and above...
15.) Just because you expect things to go a certain way doesn't mean they will. Playing Ron on slick boards for example? Don't expect him to throw them all off. He might, but he might also put them all in and if he catches you off guard then you will lose to him on slick boards... (8/24)

16.) If sticky side isn't going well, try slippery side... carefully however.
17.) Pay attention to what each bag does and adjust your throw accordingly, until you find a perfect throw.
18.) Throwing slippery side has more advantage than sticky side. You get more breaks, but be cautious not to throw over the hole.
19.) Remember all this advice and knowledge is excellent and very useful, but if you cannot throw consistently straight it means very little. Over everything, improving your "robot throw" straight in the hole is most important. If you can throw 4-baggers all the time... you will be very difficult to beat.
20.) Cornhole is a game of adjustment. You can complain about conditions, but that won't help you win. Instead, adjust. Whoever adjusts best will win the game. If you can't adjust, then you better work on it for next time. (8/25 Lorain County Fair)

21.) Cornhole is 90% mental. To win you must be mentally and emotionally strong.
22.) Take practice seriously. Use it to get on your game immediately. This will get your confidence up and your focus on so you are ready for your first game
23.) You are most vulnerable to lose your first game, so pratice as much as you can and get focused on ready no matter who you play.
24.) Taking a run in the middle of tournaments has always helped you play better later on.
25.) Pack a snack to long events. You don't want to find yourself feeling dizzy/exhausted when you make it to the finals against a top player!

26.) There are two ways to improve at cornhole. Play often and play the best.
27.) Get a good night of rest before major tourneys. Not enough sleep means you may feel tired and unfocused for the event... and leads to your demise even against weak players. So take rest seriously.
28.) If you only work to resolve your weaknesses, you will fail to develop your strengths. If you only rely on your strengths, someone will exploit your weaknesses. So work on both equally.
29.) Cornhole is a mental game, so the answers are mostly mental. This means stay calm, stay focused, and be wise to win games!
30.) Play smart. You've seen how over-aggression can kill players and you've seen how Dave Weiser can make smart decisions to win games. Do the same. Aggression is okay but should be calculated.

31.) Inertia is HUGE.
32.) If you have/draw a good partner. Do not expect them to do well. Be ready to carry them. IF they do well then great, you'll win. If not, be ready to pick them up. Then if you still lose, at least it isn't your fault. You can only do what you can do.
33.) Advil seems to help me play better.
34.) Make sure to drink water. You get tired and sloppy when you are dehydrated.
35.) Frustration won't ever help you win. If you feel frustrated step away, maybe even go use the bathroom and get your head straight. Play slower and concentrate on trying your best. React logically if bags don't go right instead of emotionally. Use your mistakes to better your game, not make you upset and possibly do even worse.

36.) Stay warmed up if possible.. if not, keep your head focused on the next game.. Who? When? Take a run to stay warm? Get other stuff out of the way like getting a drink or using the bathroom or getting food. Use every moment wisely.
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Cleveland Top Ten (Singles)
1.) Adam Hissner #11
2.) Gary Lewis #12
3.) Ron Kugel #24
4.) Stacia Pugh #45
5.) Keith Geho #51

6.) Christine Papcke #58
7.) Dave Weiser #81 *no majors
8.) Jeff Reynolds #84 *missing 1 SCR
9.) Chuckie Love #87 *no majors
10.) Mike Pfaff #93

Cleveland Top Ten SCR Averages
**if people are missing 1 SCR they don't make this list yet, like Reynolds would be high up
1.) Adam Hissner #8 121.75
2.) Ron Kugel #11 119.25
3.) Cab Becker #12 119.00
4.) Gary Lewis #25 114.75
5.) Jesse Polite #35 111.75

6.) Jeff O'Heron #42 109.75
7.) Chuckie Love #44 109.25
8.) Dave Weiser #47 108.50
9.) Kieth Geho #51 108.00
10.) Stacia Pugh #57 106.50

Cleveland Top Ten Regional Finishes
1.) Gary Lewis #3-6 99 (1.25 place)
2.) Adam Hissner #13-17 95 (2.25 place)
3.) Ron Kugel #25-27 92 (3.00 place)
4.) Dave Weiser #28-32 91 (3.25 place)
5.) Chuckie Love #36-39 88 (4.00 place)

6.) Jesse Polite #40-42 87 (4.25 place)
7.) Ken Allen #43-48 86 (4.50 place)
8.) Jeff O'Heron #49-51 85 (4.75 place)
9.) Stacia Pugh #58-65 83 (5.25 place)
10.) Keith Geho #93-98 77 (6.75 place) *tie
11.) Christine Papcke #93-98 (6.75 place) *tie

Cleveland Top Ten Major Finishes
**all of us only did one, WV
1.) Gary Lewis 49
2.) Adam Hissner 48
3.) Cab Becker 43 *played SC, not WV
4.) Jeff Reynolds 41
5.) Ron Kugel 35

6.) Brandon Thevinin 35
7.) Stacia Pugh 33
8.) Christine Papcke 33
9.) Keith Geho 31
10.) Jim Cahill 31
2.) Adam Hissner

Brain Loss

Sep. 4th, 2013 05:10 pm
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Well, I suppose I should take a moment to contemplate my life at this moment. My life feels... like not my life right now. It was just so much fun, bags, fun, biking, fun, zelda, yardwork.. and whatever for so long.. mostly bags.. and it mostly went very well! But these past couple months have been so crazy.. starting with my injured finger. I swear there was something else too I can't recall.. maybe it was just the fact that I threw so terrible in front of so many people at Queen of Cornhole. I mean, it was humiliating and stressful.. i'm not going to lie. And worse was that I felt forced into the situation. I did not want to play on my finger and hurt it worse. I wanted to rest it.. more than anything.. but what choice did I have? Who doesn't show up for the finals? Surely that would have been even worse.. but God.. that's not even... I didn't even set out to talk about that, though obviously it still weighs heavy on me.

No I wanted to talk about how I ended up in the fucking ER the other day. And now my dad just called and I'm crying because I'm going go to watch my grandma die of a fucking stroke.. i might have had a stroke too.. a mini one of course. I don't know. FUck it all.. I'm not sure what to say. i'll write about my fascinating but scary as hell experience later. I lost my brain function for 2 hours. I spent the ride to the ER trying to remember and speak Chrissie's familiar name. I needed to know her name. I needed to say it... and when I finally did and she confirmed that it was her name.. it felt foreign.. i felt no comfort.. i felt worse because it felt all wrong. My brain couldn't interpret the word.

Anyways, I have to go.. that's all I've got for the moment...
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I really, really don't feel like updating much these days, but I do right now. I dunno, I just find the way things are kinda strange lately. Maybe it's because of the weather change, or maybe it's for reasons I can't explain, but I've become rather anti-social lately. It seems like aside from cornhole, I don't want to do anything. Going out with friends seems boring to me, and I think it's mostly because I don't have anything to talk about. My life is literally boring. I've been on top of cleaning, I've been playing cornhole and I've been playing Zelda Ocarina of Time. That doesn't leave much to talk about. Work is status quo. Life is status quo.

Chrissie left in mid-October, so that means it's been 2 months now. I still think about her every day, but not in a "OMG I NEED HER BACK" kind of way. In all honesty, I do really enjoy living alone and I'm glad she's not here. She even asked to move back in one day and I had to tell her nope.. no way. It's quiet here and a little lonely at times, but overal I really really like it this way. I'm pretty much a private person and I really enjoy having complete control over my environment. And if anything is a mess or out of place, I like that it's because of ME. I can accept that somehow.

Read more... )
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There's been a lot going on with cornhole lately so I thought I'd update quickly. I'll start with last night...

Cornhole Friday Blind Draw Night #4
So I've attended every week for the Friday Blind Draw night which is kinda cool the way it works. You play four games with a different random partner for each game. Then the points you score each game is tallied up and everyone is ranked. The top 8 players get to enter a blind draw (for no add'l charge) and can win the entry fee cash (which is $5 to enter). Kinda cool.

Well, the first THREE weeks I had a lovely combination of being off and having crappy partners for the most part. It's kind of amazing I got so many crappy partners, when there aren't even that many of them! But I didn't hold my own either, so I fell down to the bottom of the ranks. I mean, there are a lot of pros that enter this so whatever. I probably belong on the bottom for the most part.

Read more... )

So cornhole has been really fun! This completed my first time in the Neocornhole league in Cleveland, and now the new session starts on Monday! The first half of this session will be a lot different. Everyone plays everyone and the stats collected will be used to divide teams into different Divisions... 3 of them actually. (Last time there was only 2 divisions and I was in the lower one, that we won) So I'm hoping we make it in the middle Division, which should end up being a little bit of a step up from this last time. It would be great to make the top Division, but we would likely be the worst team and would really have to fight hard to take even minor wins. That would be fine though too. You can't really get better unless you play with the best!

That is all. =)
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I like doing these so here you go:

10 Good Things about RIGHT NOW:

1.) I snuck in a very enjoyable bikey ride last night. =)
2.) Only about an hour left of work!
3.) My budget reset today. Woohoo! (It does every 2 weeks, it means I can let myself spend more money now)
4.) The house is about to go in just my name. THIS IS HUGE.
5.) Chrissie is coming over tomorrow and I'm making her my black bean chili which she requested. =)

6.) I've got a nice bike ride planned for Sunday with Dennis Litto, and lunch plans after. =)
7.) I have an exercise bike at work now too!
9.) Red wine.
10.) I'm excited for cornhole blind draw night on Friday. =)
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So this week went pretty well! We played Ryan & Brian and they hit us pretty hard in Game 1. I don't know why but I felt nervous as soon as we started and Ryan scored 8 or 9 pts on me in the first frame! Ugh! Then Ron screwed up too and we were down like 14 to 0 right away. We lost that game pretty fast. And I have to admit, we picked it up, but they were playing tough. They deserved the win.

Then in Game 2 we did better and then they both started falling apart at the same time. I think I threw 3 in one round (not a big deal for me anymore) and it seemed like it just intimidated the hell out of them because they couldn't do anything anymore and we took Game 2 AND Game 3! So we won 2-1. I hung out with Ryan's gf Megan for the next hour or so then while we waited for our next match.

It was against The Bag Ladies. We played them last week too. They are really easy. They actually got up to 18 in one game and Ron said he was nervous, but I wasn't.. heh We ended up taking all 3 games. No prob.

So that was another 2 out of 2 wins for our record, as well as 5 out of 6 points. It was enough to put us back in first place too! The next week is KEY though. We play the Top 3 teams (aside from us) so it's all on the line! If we can win all 3 matches next week we'll be in GREAT shape.

We also went to Front Row again with Brian and Mike. It was funny because we played against Brian and Rudy (from Those Guys) and destroyed them like 4 games in a row. ha! They were apalled. They actually acted like we wouldn't be able to beat them when we first asked them to play.

Then at Front Row I was really really on again. Felt good! I won $5 off Brian and played well against Mike who is in Division A.

That's about it. Fun times! I'm excited and nervous for next week!
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So I just realized this past month, things have finally came alive again. My life is alive again, filled with activity and outdoor hobbies. My relationship with Chrissie feels halfway alive again, AND on top of that I've met a new friend which I'm totally excited about, my anxiety is down, my energy is up and I dare say.. I'm actually happy? Holy crap.

Chrissie and I barely survived the last 6 months. They were rough. And I knew that it was either A.) The end of us, or B.) A painful restart.

As Housing Director of Slavic Village Development, allow me to describe this in terms of a house. If you build a house on a bad foundation, what you are going to end up with is a crappy house that over time, is going to need some serious freaking work. You might want to just demolish the thing and build a new house somewhere else, or you could bite the bullet and jack up the house and rebuild a whole new foundation, and then carefully place the house back on it's now solid foundation, done right. So you probably get it. We've been doing that over the last 6 months. The old foundation was codependency and the result was an unstable house that over time, was falling apart big time. Even though it was very beautiful, it just wasn't good on the old foundation. So now the house is on jacks, and we are rebuilding that foundation using healthy friendship, fun, independence, mutual support, AND the love that was always there from the start.

Will this work? I have no idea, but it sure seems like we are headed in the right direction. I think the tough part was actually separating the house from the foundation. It just felt horrible and scary and impossible to figure out what was going to happen next and if everything would be okay. It was heartache, pure and simple. It felt more wretched than a break up. I mean, it kinda was a break up. Everything changed, and needed to change, and now that it's changed, I think we're adjusting and in a position to move forward.

I feel like I've owed any of my remaining friends on LJ or DW or whatever an update on that for a long while, so there you go. =)

So that being said, my god June has been wonderful. I thought the torment might last forever! And as much as I love anger swirling in the air and cringing my teeth in an attempt to not break things, I like this a little better. The cornhole league has been super fun. The garden is super fun. Biking is super fun. I'm accomplishing things. I'm working on the house. I'm making more friends. I'm building existing friendships. I'm busy. I'm healthy. Life is just really good and reminding me of last year now, which was also really good.. probably the best year of my life in a long time.

So that's where I'm at, and yes I have a new friend who is super cool. I met her when Chrissie and I were at a low point, and I'm really glad I did. She's a scientist and a marathan runner, and gay, of course. =) I like homos, what can I say? And I haven't clicked with someone like this in a long time. It's a great feeling, and I can tell we both want to hang out as much as we can. We also have so much in common that there's TONS for us to do together and talk about. It's a beautiful thing, and she's making being independent come easy for me. My hope was that I could find a new friend to help fill up those nights that I would spend alone and sad while Chrissie was out with her new friend Monica. Well, I accomplished that first try. She's AWESOME.

Plus, to be honest, I don't mind Chrissie being a little nervous (not too much) about it. I think she takes me for granted sometimes.

So yes, life is a wonderful thing. I was going to write about my weekend, which was pretty freaking cool, but I suppose this is sufficient for an entry. =)
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I'm on mile 15 of a 20 mile bike ride. The perfect day. I'm listening to the sound of a small stream and the occasional light gust of wind. 5 miles ago I enjoyed a picnic. There's just something about eating an apple after 10 miles of biking that makes it the best thing ever.

5 more miles to go. I best get going.
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Sometimes I'm fascinated by what I can only explain as polarized self esteem. This describes how I feel about myself. It's like, I basically really really love myself, and think I'm really awesome, but at the same time, I expect everyone on the planet to pretty much feel the complete opposite about me. So I love myself, but expect people to think I'm lame or too weird or something and write me off. I'm sure this stems from me knowing I was different at a young age, but constantly hearing my parents, and well, most of society talk so badly about people who were like me. So I kept my mouth shut so people would like me or approve of me or whatever. So since then... Since deciding to just be me and not placate others, I expect to be hated.

So the whole thing just feels weird and complicated. It has lead to me being quite judgmental and maybe a touch rebellious with some things. And it's lead me into pretty awesome subcultures that really, in the eyes of mainstream society, are in fact weird and they just can't get it. But at the same time, I find those people incredibly mundane and boring.

There's no point to this. I've just had this on my mind lately. That is all. =)
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Hello LJ,

I know it's been awhile since I've updated. I've been updating actually, just privately. It helps me get my head together, and well, when you write for yourself it's liberating and can even calm you. I guess I've been in a place where I need that.

In all honestly, I'm not unhappy with my life right now. I'm unhappy with ONE ASPECT of my life and that is my relationship with Chrissie. It's like the relationship died in December and we've been trying to resuscitate a dead carcass since then. Guess what. We haven't had any luck.

I've always had the problem of letting go, but I can't say I've had a girlfriend this bad at at the same time. The result? A pretty miserable first few months of 2011, in terms of the relationship. I can't say it doesn't hurt me terribly, because it does. I just got down breaking down again downstairs. The worst part of this has been the signs of hope, and then the hope being pulled out from under me again like a small rug. I'm fine when I'm on that rug, but take it away and I'm going to fall down again.

Read more... )

So there you go. If anyone reads all this let me know, because I will be impressed. lol
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Please notice the lack of

I mean, I'm okay, but only just..

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Well, because I was doing badly with this I started over, just to have fresh start and I'm one and a half weeks in.

Week 1 I reached 56% of my goal, which should be a 1/2 lb loss, and I think it was because the scale actually went down a 1 lb. Then this week I had a great day on Monday and after that I've just felt like I'm starving all the time annnnnddd I've been giving in. So I barely have a deficit at all this week. I guess I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the program I'm in at work. I really want to reach the goal I set of losing 5 lbs just to prove I can do it. If I fail though, I guess that's okay. I'm still doing better than almost everyone. Some of them have gained weight since we started! lol

It's funny how extreme their goals are too and yet they barely changed anything. I don't think people realize how difficult weight loss is and how committed you have to be to accomplish anything. It's not for the week, and you can't really do it on the side.. You have to make big changes and stick to it for significant amount of time to achieve anything at all.

Here's my stats )

I think I'm going to try to get back on track by trying to hit my daily goal of a 500 calorie deficit today. Then maybe I'll try tomorrow too and Sunday and then Monday I'll have a fresh start to do this right next week.


Feb. 27th, 2011 07:04 pm
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February 27th, 2011: Squirrel
We have some furry friends. I see them hanging around every day. =)

Full Pic-A-Day Project HERE.
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So here's the deal. I'm going to do a picture a day as my way of updating for awhile. I won't exclusively post this way, but it brings joy to my life so I'm going back to this again. Many people do 365 projects, where you do this for a whole year. I've never been able to quite commit myself to that, but I like having chunks of my life recorded in photos. It's kinda. So here goes Picture Project #4. I hope you have enjoy.

And with that beautiful introduction out of the way, here is photo #1. =)

February 26th, 2011: Flat Screen Mount
Got my new 42" plasma tv mounted with the help of my good friend Kris! I'm THRILLED we actually got it done in 1 night and that there was wood behind the plaster. =)

**click the pic to view the full size photo

Full Pic-A-Day Project HERE.
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Yah, so in the last 8 days I've averaged a 470 calorie deficit per day which is great! And actually should equal out to about a lb of weight loss, and yet, the scale said 150.6 this morning. I started at 149. *sigh*

I guess I ate salt yesterday when I think about it, so that must be why. But before I change my numbers I'm going to get to a 10,000 deficit over all, which should be a 3 lb loss, and see what the scale says at that point. If there's little or no difference then crap.. that's going to mean I need to lower my BMR and probably lower the amount of credit I get for exercise too.
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So I've completed 2 weeks of my small winter weight loss plan. Here's some stats on my progress.

Goal: Lose 9 lbs in 10 weeks
Starting Weight: 149 lbs
Current Weight: 149 lbs

Calorie Deficit: 3,800 cal (1.1 lbs)
Calorie Deficit Goal: 31,500 cal (9 lbs)
Avg Calorie Deficit per day: 280 cal - 56% of goal
Avg Calorie Deficit per day goal: 500 cal

Avg Calories Burned per day: 240!! - 120% of goal!
Avg Calories Burned per day goal: 200

Here's my calories & exercise over the last two weeks )

So what I'm seeing here after my thorough analysis =) is that I'm doing good on exercise, and not so good on eating, which means I'm doing pretty bad on eating actually because burning calories should help with that. I mean, basically I'm eating 1,860 calories per day and trying to lose calories through exercise alone and that's really hard to do unless you exercise A LOT. It would be easier to cut another 250 calories out of my diet per day.

And on my weight loss goal I'm like at about half of where I should be at this point, so I need to step it up. I did hit 148 lbs yesterday but was back up to 149 lbs this morning. Of course fluctuation is usually like 3 lbs so any fat loss is going to be hidden basically at this point because it's not very significant.

I have two things hindering from me from hitting my goal:
1.) Motovation - I'm not really unhappy with my weight, so I don't have that cut throat drive. This means when I'm really hungry and I want to eat, I do, even if I've hit my calories for the day. Plus, even though it would be nice to lose some weight for this contest at work, I know that when I start taking long bikey rides this spring and summer, I'm going to be able to acheive mega-calorie deficits if that's what I want to do. So why work so hard now when it will be so much easier in a couple months?
2.) Counter Goal - I have another goal which is to hang out with friends more and have fun and go out and stuff. This is part of giving Chrissie space and being more independent of her which is crucial. Unfortunately, eating out is pretty much what I do with my friends and eating out and weight loss do not mix very well. I can plan all I want to limit my calories when I go out to dinner and it never seems to happen. I get caught in the moment and don't really care about keeping my calories down.

So that being said, I'm going to continue. If I end up getting halfway there that will be a good accomplishment for this contest at work, which is really why I'm doing it. I guess I just want to show people I can do it. And of course, I wouldn't mind being 5 lbs skinnier.
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So I've been back to drinking 2, 3 and 4 highly caffeinated beverages per day, and I'm also back to feeling over-tired and off and on depressed. Coincidence?

This all feels very familiar.

I don't want to detox like I did a few weeks ago, but something's gotta give. Slow it down Stacia!

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So I've been working hard to sell 2 houses (for work) and I just ran the numbers and BROKE EVEN. WTF

The one house I ended up boarding 5 times. Kinda hard to make money when dealing with that kind of shit. I guess I need to increase the price next time. How frustrating.

Then again. At least I didn't LOSE money. Which is entirely possible to do.
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So I just started on a small weight loss goal again. I guess really I'm just maintaining my big 30 lb loss over the last 2 years. But I gained 5 lbs back over winter so far so I'd like to lose that again and maybe an add'l 5 lbs, though if I look too skinny I'll probably be okay not going down that low. But I do kinda want to be a little skinny. I think it will help with my biking this summer. =)

So we're doing this "Dump the Plump" thing at work so I'm doing this in tandem with that, and because of that really. I was content to wait until spring to count calories and stuff again. But since I'm part of this program I've set two goals basically.

GOAL 1: Lose 9 lbs in 10 weeks
GOAL 2: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Read more... )

So I guess I'm saying this is easy because I had such a good day yesterday without even really trying, but in reality I'm under my goal. I'm averaging a 340 calorie deficit per day. It's not horrible, but it's not 500. I'll need to step it up to stay on track. I think that's doable though.

I'll do a part II update on my exercise goal.


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