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Well, because I was doing badly with this I started over, just to have fresh start and I'm one and a half weeks in.

Week 1 I reached 56% of my goal, which should be a 1/2 lb loss, and I think it was because the scale actually went down a 1 lb. Then this week I had a great day on Monday and after that I've just felt like I'm starving all the time annnnnddd I've been giving in. So I barely have a deficit at all this week. I guess I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the program I'm in at work. I really want to reach the goal I set of losing 5 lbs just to prove I can do it. If I fail though, I guess that's okay. I'm still doing better than almost everyone. Some of them have gained weight since we started! lol

It's funny how extreme their goals are too and yet they barely changed anything. I don't think people realize how difficult weight loss is and how committed you have to be to accomplish anything. It's not for the week, and you can't really do it on the side.. You have to make big changes and stick to it for significant amount of time to achieve anything at all.

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I think I'm going to try to get back on track by trying to hit my daily goal of a 500 calorie deficit today. Then maybe I'll try tomorrow too and Sunday and then Monday I'll have a fresh start to do this right next week.
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So I just started on a small weight loss goal again. I guess really I'm just maintaining my big 30 lb loss over the last 2 years. But I gained 5 lbs back over winter so far so I'd like to lose that again and maybe an add'l 5 lbs, though if I look too skinny I'll probably be okay not going down that low. But I do kinda want to be a little skinny. I think it will help with my biking this summer. =)

So we're doing this "Dump the Plump" thing at work so I'm doing this in tandem with that, and because of that really. I was content to wait until spring to count calories and stuff again. But since I'm part of this program I've set two goals basically.

GOAL 1: Lose 9 lbs in 10 weeks
GOAL 2: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

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So I guess I'm saying this is easy because I had such a good day yesterday without even really trying, but in reality I'm under my goal. I'm averaging a 340 calorie deficit per day. It's not horrible, but it's not 500. I'll need to step it up to stay on track. I think that's doable though.

I'll do a part II update on my exercise goal.


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