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There's been a lot going on with cornhole lately so I thought I'd update quickly. I'll start with last night...

Cornhole Friday Blind Draw Night #4
So I've attended every week for the Friday Blind Draw night which is kinda cool the way it works. You play four games with a different random partner for each game. Then the points you score each game is tallied up and everyone is ranked. The top 8 players get to enter a blind draw (for no add'l charge) and can win the entry fee cash (which is $5 to enter). Kinda cool.

Well, the first THREE weeks I had a lovely combination of being off and having crappy partners for the most part. It's kind of amazing I got so many crappy partners, when there aren't even that many of them! But I didn't hold my own either, so I fell down to the bottom of the ranks. I mean, there are a lot of pros that enter this so whatever. I probably belong on the bottom for the most part.

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So cornhole has been really fun! This completed my first time in the Neocornhole league in Cleveland, and now the new session starts on Monday! The first half of this session will be a lot different. Everyone plays everyone and the stats collected will be used to divide teams into different Divisions... 3 of them actually. (Last time there was only 2 divisions and I was in the lower one, that we won) So I'm hoping we make it in the middle Division, which should end up being a little bit of a step up from this last time. It would be great to make the top Division, but we would likely be the worst team and would really have to fight hard to take even minor wins. That would be fine though too. You can't really get better unless you play with the best!

That is all. =)
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So this week went pretty well! We played Ryan & Brian and they hit us pretty hard in Game 1. I don't know why but I felt nervous as soon as we started and Ryan scored 8 or 9 pts on me in the first frame! Ugh! Then Ron screwed up too and we were down like 14 to 0 right away. We lost that game pretty fast. And I have to admit, we picked it up, but they were playing tough. They deserved the win.

Then in Game 2 we did better and then they both started falling apart at the same time. I think I threw 3 in one round (not a big deal for me anymore) and it seemed like it just intimidated the hell out of them because they couldn't do anything anymore and we took Game 2 AND Game 3! So we won 2-1. I hung out with Ryan's gf Megan for the next hour or so then while we waited for our next match.

It was against The Bag Ladies. We played them last week too. They are really easy. They actually got up to 18 in one game and Ron said he was nervous, but I wasn't.. heh We ended up taking all 3 games. No prob.

So that was another 2 out of 2 wins for our record, as well as 5 out of 6 points. It was enough to put us back in first place too! The next week is KEY though. We play the Top 3 teams (aside from us) so it's all on the line! If we can win all 3 matches next week we'll be in GREAT shape.

We also went to Front Row again with Brian and Mike. It was funny because we played against Brian and Rudy (from Those Guys) and destroyed them like 4 games in a row. ha! They were apalled. They actually acted like we wouldn't be able to beat them when we first asked them to play.

Then at Front Row I was really really on again. Felt good! I won $5 off Brian and played well against Mike who is in Division A.

That's about it. Fun times! I'm excited and nervous for next week!


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