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So I bought my stationary bike a couple weeks ago by now and I love it. I've been riding it almost daily. It's more boring than actually bike rides where you can travel and enjoy nature and ride up and down hills and stuff, but it's also way more convenient.

I actually made a table to figure out how many minutes equals how many miles and how many calories burned and my usual speed and stuff. Basically these are my most frequent rides on there. I basically bike at about 10-12 MPH comfortably, and I push myself at times so I'm pretty sure I'm around 12 MPH over all.

15 min ride: 3 miles, 100 calories burned
30 min ride: 6 miles, 200 calories burned
45 min ride: 9 miles, 300 calories burned
60 min ride: 12 miles, 400 calories burned

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It's weird how exercise is like this vital part of me being healthy. Okay, that sounded really fucking obvious. But what I mean is healthy emotionally and in terms of mood. I am a cantankerous fucking mess without exercise. It's just bizarre. I'm also tired as hell and will sleep too much and my evenings will be little more than me lying around. And doing anything else is just really freaking hard. But not if I take regular runs or bike rides.

I realized this further the other day because I look back at my life and think of one of the best times in my life being when I was deeply involved in the DDR community. (I know how ridiculous that sounds). But its true. I had tons of friends. I had tons of energy. I had fun constantly. I was driven to succeed and I was okay with "wasting" time on a dumb arrow game because I knew it was keeping me active and in shape and connected with just the type of people I love to chill with.

And what did that time in my life have? TONS of freaking exercise. It's practically all I did. And when I stopped and went into a different phase dating my ex-girlfriend Kim, life got worse again. I was cranky again. I was tired again. I dunno. It's just crazy what an impact staying active has on me. It's like it's required for me to be happy. Who knew taking runs and hopping on a bike would be the key to my happiness?

But I swear it is. Just something to think about.

And with that being said, I can't wait to hop on my stationary bike tonight. <3


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