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Wow, I'm learning a lot about fiber and I think this will help me eat a healthier, high fiber diet (well, obviously right?? lol)


So here are some main food categories that have high fiber:
-Beans & Legumes
-Fiber cereals (grains)
-Whole grain pastas, rice, breads

So a goal I have is to make a very simple soup very high in fiber...

(1-2 veggies, beans, grains, can of tomatoes?) - that should do it!

So for example:
carrots, celery, chickpeas, barley, can of tomatoes, veggie stock?

Wow, I learned what fiber the things i eat have:
-Amy's vegetable lentil soup = 16g/can!
-Fiber cereal = 28g in 1 cup!!
-Chickpeas = 34g in 1 cup!!
-Lentils = 15g in 1 cup
-Black beans = 15g in 1 cup

Hmm I just learned that boiling chickpeas takes them from 34g in 1 cup to 12g....

Brain Loss

Sep. 4th, 2013 05:10 pm
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Well, I suppose I should take a moment to contemplate my life at this moment. My life feels... like not my life right now. It was just so much fun, bags, fun, biking, fun, zelda, yardwork.. and whatever for so long.. mostly bags.. and it mostly went very well! But these past couple months have been so crazy.. starting with my injured finger. I swear there was something else too I can't recall.. maybe it was just the fact that I threw so terrible in front of so many people at Queen of Cornhole. I mean, it was humiliating and stressful.. i'm not going to lie. And worse was that I felt forced into the situation. I did not want to play on my finger and hurt it worse. I wanted to rest it.. more than anything.. but what choice did I have? Who doesn't show up for the finals? Surely that would have been even worse.. but God.. that's not even... I didn't even set out to talk about that, though obviously it still weighs heavy on me.

No I wanted to talk about how I ended up in the fucking ER the other day. And now my dad just called and I'm crying because I'm going go to watch my grandma die of a fucking stroke.. i might have had a stroke too.. a mini one of course. I don't know. FUck it all.. I'm not sure what to say. i'll write about my fascinating but scary as hell experience later. I lost my brain function for 2 hours. I spent the ride to the ER trying to remember and speak Chrissie's familiar name. I needed to know her name. I needed to say it... and when I finally did and she confirmed that it was her name.. it felt foreign.. i felt no comfort.. i felt worse because it felt all wrong. My brain couldn't interpret the word.

Anyways, I have to go.. that's all I've got for the moment...


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