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Wednesday (6/29) - DAY OFF!
-I have all day to get ready and make plans and prepare for the trip! :)

Thursday (6/30) - leave 10am? Get there 7pm, do something that night!
-8AM get up, shower, pack, get ready!
-10AM pick up Caleb!! (Caleb gets in 10:13 AM)
-Stop at my house to show Caleb my garden?
-11AM leave
-7PM arrive in Philly!!! check in to hotel
-8PM get dinner!! short walk?? play chess at coffee shop??? (where at??)

Friday (7/1) - go to event! shopping?? Informational interviews this day??) visit CDC and land bank?
-walk a neighborhood!
-ride the subway!!
-check out the chess event!!
-Terminal market!!
-see a movie?

Saturday (7/2)
-9AM chess lecture!!
-check out the event!
-paddleboats??? 12pm to 8pm
-walk a neighborhood?
-ride the boat in the river???

Sunday (7/3)
-9AM chess lecture!!
-115pm - Westfield, NJ G/45 Quads!! $20! (info below)
-11AM - take train there?? 2 hr ride!
- NYC after???!!

Monday (7/4) - fireworks to finish off our stay!! at 1030pm! Party on the parkway during the day
-1PM Party on the parkway?
-1030PM Fireworks!!

Tuesday (7/5) - great breakfast and drive home 10am? home by 8pm

Wednday (7/6) - go back to work, rest night after, Calebs return flight is 12:05pm!

2.) boat ride
3.) Attend 4th of July event!!
4.) Vegan restaurant
5.) cheesesteak of course!!
6.) walk in 3 neighborhoods???
7.) canoeing or paddleboats??
8.) go to NYC!!!
9.) ride the subway!!
10.) Visit a CDC possibly?
11.) rated chess event! (scheduled!!)
12.) chess at a coffee shop (scheduled!)
13.) chess lectures (scheduled)!!
14.) cornhole (if we can find it)

JULY 3 Westfield G/45 Quads
3-RR. G/40 d5. Westfield Y, 220 Clark St., Westfield, NJ 07090. EF: $25, $20 members. Prizes: $60 to first in each section. Register: 1:15-1:45 p.m. Rounds: 2:00, 3:45, 5:30 p.m. Information: email John Moldovan, Bill Cohen: 732-548-8432 or 848-219-1358, and


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