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Year 2014 - Peak of Cornhole Passion
Year 2015 - The Year of Cornhole & Decline, Start of chess
Year 2016 - Dad Died, Rock Bottom, but Jenna and chess


So this year came off of 2014 which was my peak year for cornhole. I rated it a 9 out of 10, but Year 2015 was the beginning of the end. It didn't take long. Perhaps foreshadowing the chain of events to follow was when Mike & Christine started dating in January. I think this set the stage for my eventually departure. Mike was one of my best friends; Christine was my cornhole partner and rival. Pressure built up until an eventual break in October in Denver. After that, things were never the same and with an injured oblique muscle to blame, I began pulling away from cornhole, and them, very hard, while dealing with my own depression and anxiety which seemed to make it impossible... But the cutbacks began in June, right before Worlds, my last Worlds where I won the crown the 2nd time (and Caleb won juniors!).. and in August I skipped more events, and of course I pulled away more and more in 2016 (though it was difficult and I relapsed in August 2016 a bit)

My health became very shaky over the year as well. Perhaps all the drinking? The spicy atomic wings? My emotional stability fell apart as violent outbursts occured more and more. Tension built between Christine and I, all the while, achieving incredible results in cornhole.. the best yet, and yet I was a mess, and it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it used to be. I was burned out, but kept going anyway... the results were almost bad, bc it made me feel like.. how could I quit when I'm at the top of my game? In some ways, I'm glad I got the achievement "team of the year" with Christine before giving it up. That might be my best accomplishment (3rd in KOC is a close 2nd)... or is it Queen of cornhole twice in a row??? I did win my 2nd crown in this year.

My tummy started hurting in June.... I mentioned constipation. This becomes a really big problem as you know.

Chess entered my life rather inconspicuously in June of this year started with Chess with Friends on my phone. I joined in September and attended my first USCF rated tourney at the end of November, during a very dark time for me actually. November was basically ruined because of what happened in Denver at the end of October. I felt absolutely traumatized after that; I never felt the same way about Christine or Mike after.... perhaps that's what led to my first "retirement" which was in March 2016 I think? although the first time didn't stick.

All in all, this was the year of decline. My passion for cornhole died this year. My emotional stability eroded... and my drinking/drug problem finally started catching up with me. My interest in chess was no doubt fueled by the fact that deep down I wanted to quit cornhole, but could not.


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