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Well, because I was doing badly with this I started over, just to have fresh start and I'm one and a half weeks in.

Week 1 I reached 56% of my goal, which should be a 1/2 lb loss, and I think it was because the scale actually went down a 1 lb. Then this week I had a great day on Monday and after that I've just felt like I'm starving all the time annnnnddd I've been giving in. So I barely have a deficit at all this week. I guess I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the program I'm in at work. I really want to reach the goal I set of losing 5 lbs just to prove I can do it. If I fail though, I guess that's okay. I'm still doing better than almost everyone. Some of them have gained weight since we started! lol

It's funny how extreme their goals are too and yet they barely changed anything. I don't think people realize how difficult weight loss is and how committed you have to be to accomplish anything. It's not for the week, and you can't really do it on the side.. You have to make big changes and stick to it for significant amount of time to achieve anything at all.

Here's my stats )

I think I'm going to try to get back on track by trying to hit my daily goal of a 500 calorie deficit today. Then maybe I'll try tomorrow too and Sunday and then Monday I'll have a fresh start to do this right next week.
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Yah, so in the last 8 days I've averaged a 470 calorie deficit per day which is great! And actually should equal out to about a lb of weight loss, and yet, the scale said 150.6 this morning. I started at 149. *sigh*

I guess I ate salt yesterday when I think about it, so that must be why. But before I change my numbers I'm going to get to a 10,000 deficit over all, which should be a 3 lb loss, and see what the scale says at that point. If there's little or no difference then crap.. that's going to mean I need to lower my BMR and probably lower the amount of credit I get for exercise too.
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So I've completed 2 weeks of my small winter weight loss plan. Here's some stats on my progress.

Goal: Lose 9 lbs in 10 weeks
Starting Weight: 149 lbs
Current Weight: 149 lbs

Calorie Deficit: 3,800 cal (1.1 lbs)
Calorie Deficit Goal: 31,500 cal (9 lbs)
Avg Calorie Deficit per day: 280 cal - 56% of goal
Avg Calorie Deficit per day goal: 500 cal

Avg Calories Burned per day: 240!! - 120% of goal!
Avg Calories Burned per day goal: 200

Here's my calories & exercise over the last two weeks )

So what I'm seeing here after my thorough analysis =) is that I'm doing good on exercise, and not so good on eating, which means I'm doing pretty bad on eating actually because burning calories should help with that. I mean, basically I'm eating 1,860 calories per day and trying to lose calories through exercise alone and that's really hard to do unless you exercise A LOT. It would be easier to cut another 250 calories out of my diet per day.

And on my weight loss goal I'm like at about half of where I should be at this point, so I need to step it up. I did hit 148 lbs yesterday but was back up to 149 lbs this morning. Of course fluctuation is usually like 3 lbs so any fat loss is going to be hidden basically at this point because it's not very significant.

I have two things hindering from me from hitting my goal:
1.) Motovation - I'm not really unhappy with my weight, so I don't have that cut throat drive. This means when I'm really hungry and I want to eat, I do, even if I've hit my calories for the day. Plus, even though it would be nice to lose some weight for this contest at work, I know that when I start taking long bikey rides this spring and summer, I'm going to be able to acheive mega-calorie deficits if that's what I want to do. So why work so hard now when it will be so much easier in a couple months?
2.) Counter Goal - I have another goal which is to hang out with friends more and have fun and go out and stuff. This is part of giving Chrissie space and being more independent of her which is crucial. Unfortunately, eating out is pretty much what I do with my friends and eating out and weight loss do not mix very well. I can plan all I want to limit my calories when I go out to dinner and it never seems to happen. I get caught in the moment and don't really care about keeping my calories down.

So that being said, I'm going to continue. If I end up getting halfway there that will be a good accomplishment for this contest at work, which is really why I'm doing it. I guess I just want to show people I can do it. And of course, I wouldn't mind being 5 lbs skinnier.
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So I just started on a small weight loss goal again. I guess really I'm just maintaining my big 30 lb loss over the last 2 years. But I gained 5 lbs back over winter so far so I'd like to lose that again and maybe an add'l 5 lbs, though if I look too skinny I'll probably be okay not going down that low. But I do kinda want to be a little skinny. I think it will help with my biking this summer. =)

So we're doing this "Dump the Plump" thing at work so I'm doing this in tandem with that, and because of that really. I was content to wait until spring to count calories and stuff again. But since I'm part of this program I've set two goals basically.

GOAL 1: Lose 9 lbs in 10 weeks
GOAL 2: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Read more... )

So I guess I'm saying this is easy because I had such a good day yesterday without even really trying, but in reality I'm under my goal. I'm averaging a 340 calorie deficit per day. It's not horrible, but it's not 500. I'll need to step it up to stay on track. I think that's doable though.

I'll do a part II update on my exercise goal.


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